Thank you for taking a few moments to provide us with your answers to survey questions. Your participation in this survey will help us plan an ultimate man's experience for Memphis and the surrounding region.


1. Would you attend an annual Men's Expo in Memphis, TN?

2. What would you most like to see at a Man's Expo?

3. Would you describe yourself as an active man or spectator? 

4. Would you participate in a video gaming competition? 

5. What games do you like to particpate in?

6. What sports are you most likely to watch?

7. What sports are you most likely to participate in or play

8. Do you like games of chance?

If you do play games of chance, what?

9. Whose autograph would you like to have?

10. What’s your favorite football team? Favorite Player?

11. Do you wear cologne?

12. What brand of aftershave do you use?

13. Name two female singers you would like to see.

14. Name two female actresses you would like to see.

15. Have you ever been to a sports bar to watch a game? 

16. Do you exercise?

17. If you could buy a new car/truck today, what would it be?

18. What’s your dream vehicle?

19. Are you into DIY (Do It Yourself) home improvement?   

20. How do you spend your leisure time? 

21. Do you drink alcoholic beverages? 

If so, how often?

22. Are you competitive? 

23. Name the video game you play the most?

24. Are you currently employed?

25. Help us select a name:





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